Management Team

team-picDanielle Luft-Afik, Co-founder and CEO
Danielle has held executive positions at ShebaMedicalCenter, the Technology Policy and Quality Assurance Department of the Ministry of Health, and the Phoenix Insurance Group. She holds an MPH (Masters in Public Health)  from the Universitiy of Haifa and a BA in Economics and Statistics from Tel Aviv Universitiy.

Ronnie Tor, Co-founder and Chairman of the Board
CEO of AON Benfield Israel, a world leading Reinsurance Broker. Ronnie financially established Medintec in 1999. Prior to that, he was founder and CEO of PWS Israel, a Reinsurance Brokerage company.
Ronnie holds a degree in Economics & Statistics from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and a Law Degree from the InterdisciplinaryCenter, Herzlya, Israel.

Vigen Shahbazian, CTO
Vigen has 20 years of experience in the software solutions domains. He was part of the original team who designed and developed MedinClaim, and ever since supports Medintec.
He held various positions in leading IT companies like Ness and Elad. Vigen is an expert in implementation and development of architecture of complex software components, in building integration processes between different systems and environments.
Vigen holds a degree in Computer Science and Mathematics from Bar-Ilan University, and is certified from a wide range of professional courses.

Guy Zahar, VP Business Development
Guy recently joined Medintec. He has perfected the art of assessing project scope and needs, using his worldwide network connections to bring key investors to the table and make projects become reality. Previous to Medintec he worked in multicultural environments and with worldwide entrepreneurships. He was co-founder and CEO of EEH VENTURES LIMITED, Qumran Group Ltd. Between 1993 and 2011, he worked at the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office and head the international relations unit.
Guy holds a MBA degree in Business Administration and International Relations from Haifa University, and a Law Degree from the Interdisciplinary Centre, Herzlya, Israel.